Jalal Akbar Baig (Research Fellow)- Research Work

Recording of phenotypic data

  • A total of 3391 animals both from Govt. and private farms registered.
  • 3349 records with at least 1 Herd test date.
  • 2067 records with at least 2 Herd test dates.
  • 1567 records with 3 & above herd test dates.
  • Total no samples taken and processed i.e.; 9943.
  • 1123 records with at least 3 herd test dates and complete bio data that will be used for analysis.

Skin tissue sampling for genotyping

  • 700 skin tissue samples will be collected
  • A total of 510 samples have been collected and 190 samples remaining to be collected.
  • 99 male samples collected from SPU Qadirabad
  • 69 male samples collected from SPU Karaniwala
  • 19 male samples collected from SPU NCLBG&G Koont farm
  • 96 female samples from LES Khizerabad
  • 23 female samples from LES Rakhghulama
  • 66 female samples from LES Kalurkot
  • 70 female samples from LES Bhadar nagar
  • 68 female samples from private farms
  • Material transfer agreement has been signed between the vendor and the Neogen company.
  • First lot of 99 skin tissue samples from SPU Qadirabad is ready to be dispatched for genotyping.

Milk recording and sampling activities along with analysis of milk for fat and protein in sahiwal cattle.


Andelib Qayyum (Research Fellow)- Research Work

Characterization of Breed

CenterSpeciesBreedType of Characterization (Phenotypic OR Genotypic OR Both)No. of Animals RecordedNo. of MalesNo. of FemalesStatus
AAURCattleDhanniPhenotypic Characterization1222795Data Analysis in process
AAURSheepKajliPhenotypic Characterization300100200Data Entry in process
AAURSheepSalt RangePhenotypic Characterization300100200Data Entry in process
AAURCamelCamel puriPhenotypic Characterization20218Data Entry in process
AAURSheepLohaiPhenotypic Characterization28025155Data Entry in process

Hafiz Muhammad Bilal Akhtar- M.Phil Researcher

Research Topic: "Characterization of Salt Range Sheep Breed in Arid Region of Punjab, Pakistan"

  • 700 skin tissue samples will be collected
  • Total Number of Animals: 302
  • Total Number of Female Animals: 252
  • Total Number of Male Animals:50

Sampling Region:

  • Barani Livestock Production Research Institute Kheirimurat,Attock
  • University Research Farm Koont, Gujjar Khan
  • Private farmers of Fateh Jang


Research Title: "Characterization of Hairy Goat in Arid Region of Punjab, Pakistan"

Number of Animals:

  • Total Number of Animals: 101
  • Total Number of Male Animals: 19
  • Total Number of Female Animals:82

Sampling Region:

  • Barani Livestock Production Research Institute Kheirimurat, Attock
  • Private Farmers at Fateh Jang


Fazle Ahad- M.Phil Researcher

Phenotypic Characterization Kajli Sheep

Total No.: 300

  • Male:22
  • Female:278


Prof. Dr. Pershotam Khatri- Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam- Kundhi buffalo

Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Hussain Khutu- University of Poonch Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir- Kali Sheep

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nawaz Khusa- Lasbela University of Agriculture Water and Marine Sciences, Balochistan- Bibrak, Harnai

Prof. Dr. Sohail Ahmed- University of Agriculture, Peshawar- Balkhi, Michni, Hashnagri, Azikheli, Waziri, Mazai, Ghalji